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Sump Pits for Manitobans

Depending on where you reside in Manitoba, sump pits are often viewed as a necessary component of the home. Ensure your property is prepared for the worst by calling in Saber Industries Inc. We sell industry-tough residential and commercial sump pits built with our own patented design. Saber sump pits are durable and smaller than most versions, allowing for shallow access installation. Call us today to find out more.

Fun Fact: Jon Eakes Has Spoken About Our Services

After over 38 years as a prime mover in the field of home renovation — from hosting the first national home renovation TV show in North America, to having a diverse career in radio and TV broadcasting or to his industry-leading work with regulatory, corporate and government agencies — Jon Eakes is still most interested in spreading knowledge about ‘the important basics’ — the fine details (and sometimes extended discussion!) — the other guys leave out. Jon helps homeowners and trains contractors.

His site looks simple, but scratch the surface and you will find the most extensive home improvement encyclopedia on the web with a special emphasis on cold climate housing. Want more about who Jon Eakes is?

[The Saber pit] is a good example of good engineering from Winnipeg. The entire lower “reservoir” section of the Saber pit is closed to the soil. This is the area in which the water will rise and fall with the filling and emptying of the pit. The holes are located higher up, and there is a fair distance between the level of the basement floor and the reservoir. If water rises above the reservoir and begins to approach the bottom of the basement slab, it will drain passively into the pit through all the holes in the side of the upper portion of the Saber pit. This water will simply fall into the reservoir without any flow pressure caused by the pump. This minimizes soil erosion in the area while keeping the water pressure away from the basement floor.

If necessary the top of the pit can have a drain in it, at the level of the basement floor to allow any basement flooding to also drain into the pit, and any pipes from perimeter drains can also be directed to the pit.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe from Radon Gas

What is Radon Gas?

Radon occurs when the uranium contained within the rocks and soil underneath our homes begins to breakdown. This gas can enter our property through foundation cracks, crevices and drains. Any below ground structure may collect radon gas, which occupies the lowest portion of your building before creeping up into your rooms where it eventually enters your furnace or air systems, infecting the entire building.

Why Get Radon Testing?

  • Radon is invisible, tasteless and odorless

  • Radon gas exposure causes cancer

  • Radon levels vary depending on the season

  • 1 in 15 homes have dangerous gas levels

  • Systems can be installed to eliminate the threat

Our Radon Solution

Protect your property from this radioactive gas threat with the radon venting system of our code-approved sump pits. Our pits collect the empty gas before pumping it out safely, making your air and environment safer.

For more information, please visit the Radon in Real Estate page.

If your building could benefit from our vast experience, please reach out to our staff.

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